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Article 123 of the constitution is amended to increase legal working age from fourteen to fifteen.

Today (June 17 2014) an amendment to Section III of Article 123 of the Constitution was published in the Official Federal Gazette to set the legal working age to fifteen years of age instead of fourteen, as it had been since 1917. This provision, which will come into force tomorrow, aligns with the standards of the International Labor Organization (ILO), especially agreement 138 of said organization. Mexico has still not ratified this agreement, which has caused ILO to issue a couple of recommendations for Mexico.

The Organization has expressed its position on child labor in several fora stating that it deprives children of their dignity and that it impairs their physical and psychological development. With several studies it has been concluded that the benefits of eliminating child labor outweigh its cost by a factor of seven.

The new regulations to govern employees' profit sharing objection procedure becomes effective.

Last June 5, the Regulations to Article 121 and 122 of the Federal Labor Law, which purpose is to regulate the procedure regarding employees' objections to the Annual Income Tax Law and its Schedules, that provides them the power to challenge the amount declared by the employer to the treasury corresponding to Employees' Profit Sharing was published in the Federal Official Gazette (becoming effective the next day).  This law is grounded on articles 121 and 122 of the Federal Labor Law, that confers the employees the power to challenge the employer's declaration of Employees' Profits Sharing to the treasury.  These regulations, of twenty nine articles, replace the one published in 1975.

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